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Leaning Post Flexor Kit:

Why a Flexor Kit

A Flexor kit is designed to take the jolt of the waves crashing on the hull of the boat. The way this works is while sitting on the leaning post the springs in the kit absorbs the jolt. The front legs have hinges so that when the springs flex it doesnt bend the front legs. We have had the springs coated in a special coating done by Sunbelt Systems. The coating has a 1500 hour spray test done which is more than enough to last years on the water with the covers. The covers are included to protect the springs but also work to prevent pinch point when flexing the spring. This allows us to guarantee the product for 2 years against rust and fatigue. I don't know of any other product for saltwater that comes with a guarantee much less 2 years. Our product is made in America by Americans!!! This we are very proud to say. Ok so you want to know how to use the product. The best way to use it is sitting on the leaning post but it does offer some relief while leaning but not as much as sitting. Have you been out fishing and out of no where a storm pops up and you go racing to the shore for cover? If you have and we all have the ride back is ruff as all get out. If your boat has a Flexor Kit the ride does not hurt you running back the same as if your just standing. Standing causes your knees and back to take the abuse. We all know this pain and it last days sometimes even makes you have a trip to doctors office. I know I have had to visit several times. This is why I designed the Flexor Kit. My average doctors office visit cost $50.00 minimum so for the price of 4 or 5 visits not counting our valuable time. You need and deserve to have a much smoother ride with our Flexor Kit.

Can I install it myself?

YES, you can install it yourself very easy. I built this kit for the average guy or lady to install with hand tools and a drill. If you can cut a line, then install the pieces provided and run a drill your almost done and ready to get on the water. The next step is to install the bolts provided and tighten them up. After this place the covers on a secure them. Last step launch boat and go for the smoother ride! Oh don't forget to rub it into your buddy who doesn't have a Flexor Kit on his or her boat the next time they say how rough the waves were. Just say you should have your Flexor Kit onboard like we do the the waves are easy.

Flexor Display

Flexor Display

Flexor Display